"The Healthiest, Most Exquisite Tea In The World."

Average matcha is for average people.  Not you.  You’re a doer, a dreamer and a creator.  Defying the status quo, Redefining realty. 

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Our Little Secret... Fresh, ethically sourced, hand-picked 100% Authentic Japanese Matcha.

Not all matcha is created equal.  Premium Matcha is vibrant green, umami rich with wonderful flavor followed by mental clarity that lasts.  No Compromises. Ever.   

 100% Made in Japan

 100% Vegan & GMO Free

 100% No additives

 100% Fresh, Pure Artisan Matcha

- Packed with antioxidants, & powerful EGCg  - Packed with Amino Acids  - Promotes Healthy, glowing skin  - Boosts metabolism and burns calories  - Detoxifies effectively and naturally  - Calms the mind and relaxes the body  - Enhances mood and aids in co

Why Quality Matters...

Higher quality matcha is nutritious, delicious with benefits you can feel, immediately.  Our matcha is made from the youngest green tea leaves, making it healthier and naturally sweeter than other matcha.

 Boost Metabolism, Mental Clarity and Focus

 Stress Less, Relax and Sleep Better

 Strengthen Immune System

 Natural Daily Detox

  • Wumi Matcha is for people who refuse to settle for average matcha. People who demand better. People like you.

"Matcha At Its Best." Don't Settle For Less Than Amazing

100% Money Back Guaranteed

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