"The Healthiest, Most Exquisite Tea In The World."

Premium Japanese Matcha for the doers, dreamers and creators.  Defying the status quo, Redefining realty. 

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Our Little Secret... Fresh, ethically sourced, hand-picked 100% Authentic Japanese Matcha without you ever having to go to Japan to get it.

Premium Artisan Matcha is hard to find, and just because you found it doesn’t mean you can have it.  90% of all the matcha our partners in Kyoto Japan produce is exclusively reserved for Domestic use in Japan but Wumi Matcha is part of that 10% allowed to distribute worldwide.  Our partners have been growing and mastering the art of fine Japanese matcha from their private estate since 1704, on the same farm lands where Japanese matcha originated over 800 years ago.   Our mission as a small, family owned Tea company is to give you access to premium matcha so that you can enjoy the highest quality matcha that Monks, Royalty and Samurais enjoyed before it became mass produced.  Your Matcha is always:

 100% Made in Uji, Kyoto Japan

 100% Natural, Vegan & GMO Free

 100% Fresh, Pure Artisan Matcha

 100% No Additives 

No Compromises.  Ever.  

- Packed with antioxidants, & powerful EGCg  - Packed with Amino Acids  - Promotes Healthy, glowing skin  - Boosts metabolism and burns calories  - Detoxifies effectively and naturally  - Calms the mind and relaxes the body  - Enhances mood and aids in co

Your Body is Your Temple. Less is More and Why Quality Matcha Matters...

Not all matcha is created Equal.  Premium Matcha is Vibrant Green, Umami Rich with wonderful flavor followed by mental clarity that lasts.  You don’t need much to get the benefits either….  That’s why Wumi Matcha is made from the youngest green tea leaves, making it healthier and naturally sweeter so that you can kickstart your mind and body to focus on what is most important to you.  Some say it’s too strong, but you can be the judge of that.  Higher quality matcha is nutritious, delicious with benefits you can feel immediately. 

 Boost Metabolism, Mental Clarity and Focus

 Stress Less, Relax and Sleep Better

 Strengthen Immune System

 Natural Daily Detox

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  • Wumi Matcha is Not For Everyone...

    Wumi Matcha is for people who refuse to settle for average matcha. People who demand better. People like you.

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MEET LUCIE. She Turns Her Clients' Visions From Concept Into Realty

Lucie struck out on her own in 1997 when she launched Beauchemin Grassi Interiors as the sister firm to her husband’s Grassi Design Group.  Now she is an entrepreneur and business owner with over 20 years at the wheel of her own business, inspired to shepherd her clients’ visions from concept to reality. 

Off the clock, she is most often found at home cooking, gardening or practicing yoga—or sailing with her family to a new and exciting locale. 

Lucie turned to Wumi Matcha when coffee wasn’t working Now she's hooked on Uji Reserve.  

“cappuccino was leaving me shaking and nauseated. My niece made me a matcha latte and I loved the frothy oat milk with the fresh green taste.

An employee of mine in Cambridge recommended your product and I’m hooked!”

Lucie B., Boston, USA

How Matcha Turns Things Around

"I was recently diagnosed with ADD, I refuse to go on ANY western medications for it, your products are helping me tremendously. I am 50 years old and have just re-entered the working world, I had a very long and in depth training program that, had it not been for your products, I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through; so thank you!!!!"

MaryPat C.

Not To Brag, But...

"Matcha At Its Best." Or Your Money Back, Guaranteed.

Feel Better.  Live Better.  30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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