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What is Matcha?

What are some health benefits of Matcha?

How much caffeine is in a cup of Matcha?

How much L-theanine is in Matcha?

What are the nutritional facts?

Is your Matcha gluten, dairy, soy, GMO free?

Is your Matcha vegan?

Is your Matcha made from tencha or sencha?

The origin says it's from mostly Aichi and Kagoshima (Japan), where else do you get your tea leaves from? Why is it not from one region?

My Matcha doesn't look like the same vibrant green color as my computer screen.


Is it Heavy Metals free?

I'm worried about radiation. Is your Matcha safe to drink?

Can I drink Matcha during my pregnancy? How about when I'm nursing?

Can I drink Matcha if I'm on specific medication?

Can my kids drink Matcha or eat Matcha treats?


I don't like the taste. First time Matcha drinker?

Why does my Matcha brew taste bitter?

How do I prepare Matcha?

Is the green color natural?

My Matcha is clumped in my brand new opened tin/bag. Is clumping normal?

My Matcha looks like it's clumped into tiny balls, did it go bad?

There's clumping at the bottom of my mug. How do I avoid clumping?

My Matcha won't dissolve, am I doing something wrong?

I don't have a bamboo whisk, can I still make Matcha?

Can I use Matcha in mixed beverages, baking and cooking?


What is the difference between Gold and Emerald Class?

Should I store my Matcha in the fridge after opening?

There is no dry pack moisture absorber in your packaging. Is it missing?

My Matcha is no longer a vibrant emerald green color like when I first opened the tin/bag.


Why is the cost for Ceremonial Grade Matcha higher than Culinary Grade?