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Buyers Guide

Choosing Your Matcha

Organic Matcha:

  • Kago Matcha - Organic matcha sourced from Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan.  This is also the finest organic matcha from Kagoshima that money can buy, and a WumiMatcha Favorite.  Perfectly well rounded,  Its Robust, with bold flavor with little to no bitterness present. Rich dark vibrant green color and sweet vegetal aroma produces a creamy, umami rich cup of matcha.  If you love the taste of organic matcha, than you are going to LOVE Kago Matcha.  This is the best Organic Matcha money can buy... See for yourself.    This is a great starting point for your matcha Journey.   

Traditional Matcha:

  • UJI Blend 91 - A mellow and buttery, Uji matcha.  Essential for anyone seeking a lifestyle around wellness. The leaves are carefully machine trimmed allowing it to be a great daily matcha and made by slowly grinding Tencha leaves from the first harvest of the year on a stone mill.  Great for people who consume a lot of matcha daily.  
  • UJI Blend 97 - A Rich and savory, Uji matcha that is delicately sweet with underlying elements of papaya and mango. Jade-green in the cup, it has a subtle coconut aroma. Made by slowly grinding Tencha leaves from the first harvest of the year on a stone mill, this is a magnificent Ceremonial Grade Matcha.  This is also another great place to start your matcha Journey!
  • UJI Blend Limited - Beyond Ceremonial Grade Matcha! a creamy smooth and sweet, Uji matcha.  Just when you thought matcha couldn't possibly get any better, along comes a blend from another obsessive farmer that startles even us.  A Matcha Connoisseurs Dream.  Delicately hand picked.  Very few are made every year. 
  • Koyamaen Gabaron - A Matcha designed for blood pressure control.  Using special and proprietary growing conditions, Marukyu Koyamaen designed a matcha for all ages, specifically the middle aged in mind, that is rich in γ-amino butyric acid which helps regulate blood pressure.  The effects are 10 times stronger than regular matcha.  Recommended for anyone to use a supplement for over all health and looking to destress and unwind.  This is more of an alternative medicine then a delicacy then the rest.  Daily consumption is recommended.