Premium - Ceremonial Uji Matcha - For Thin/Thick Tea or Latte/Cappuccino

Savory and Smooth


Stimulate your senses with this magnificent matcha that is sure to help increase productivity and reduce stress.  This Hearty Ceremonial matcha is rich, savory and full of umami, accompanied by a smooth creamy finish that will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about matcha.  Only the youngest of green tea leaves are hand-picked for maximum nutritional value that will have your skin glowing. 

Best used when matcha is the main ingredient.

Sourced from Uji, Kyoto - Japans Ceremonial Matcha Epicenter.

  • Flavor Profile: Savory, Smooth, Light Vegetal Sweetness, Creamy Umami Finish
  • Bitterness Level:  None
  • Grade Classification - Premium-Class Ceremonial (Drinking) Grade
  • Nutrient Density:  High
  • Harvest - First Harvest of Japan
  • Picking/Process - Shade Grown, Carefully Hand-Picked & Stone Ground in the mountains of Uji in Kyoto, Japan.
  • Ingredients: 100% Matcha Green Tea Powder. *No sugar, no GMO, no additives, just pure matcha from Japan.
  • Intended Use - Drinking:  Great for Hot/Iced Thin (usucha) Tea or Thick (Koicha) Tea, Lattes or Cappuccinos.  Learn why drinking culinary grade is a bad Idea.

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